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The right Cannabis Product for me

Victor Juri   August 28, 2021  
The right Cannabis Product for me

What is the right product for me?

Cannabis comes in many shapes and sizes not to mention the different ways to consume. In general when choosing there are a few rules of thumb that can help you make the right decision. First do you want to smoke, vape, eat, or apply your cannabis. If you are consuming to get high I would suggest either to smoke or to have an edible. Most topical applications are used to relieve pain of some sort, arthritis, or otherwise. Vaping is considered to be not only one of the most discrete but also one of the easiest to dose. Vaping has much less smell than burning the flower by smoking. Some also argue that vaping gives you a more subtle high that you can layer by vaping multiple times.

The more experienced user will go directly to the flower and want to smoke it either in a joint or on some sort of pipe dry or water based. Water pipes help filter the smoke as it passes through the devices chamber helping make it a little cleaner on the body than say smoking a joint.

The experienced consumer that is more sophisticated will gravitate towards edibles. Edibles give you more of a body high, it last much longer than smoking or vaping. This can be an advantage if you are medicating for a long period of time but it can be overwhelming if its too strong and its your first time. For first timers with edibles its best to start with a low dose and to start slow. It takes about 1 hour for the full effect of the edibles to be felt so if you are trying to layer don't eat another dose until its been at least an hour.

Other sophisticated consumers don't like to wait for the effects and have gravitated towards tinctures. These tend to be with alcohol based or oil based, you can take them by placing drops in your mouth. They are absorbed sublingualy, so the onset is much faster than an edible that has to go through the digestive track.

There are also a number of other ways to consume cannabis, there are patches, similar to nicotine patches, there are drinks, a number of oils like Coconut oil, olive oil or butter to help you infuse your meals, cookies and a number of edibles of all kinds and flavors. Always keep an eye on your dose and start slow.

Typically folks start with flower as that is the most familiar, vaping can help you be more discrete, then there are edibles of all kinds, just be mindful of the does, then there are tinctures and last is a number of growing products for you to experiment with. Everyone's physiology will give you different effects based on the consumption mechanism and the dose. Have fun, experiment slowly, discover the world of cannabis.