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Yamna cannagars are the first to make an appearance in Massachusetts. A palm leaf wrap, corn husk filter, and a 24k gold inlay on the tip distinguish each cannagr. Yamna cannagars are full of excellent hand-ground cannabis with no trim or shake. Each cannagar is hollow in the middle, allowing for precise ventilation, a uniform burn, and natural flavor.

Yamna - Pre-Rolls Yamna Cannagars

Yamna Cannagars

A cannagar is a cannabis cigar that contains no tobacco at all. Cannagars are made by wrapping a skewer in a cannabis fan leaf and compressing cannabis around it. The act of compacting and compressing the cannabis around a skewer results in a full-flavored, long-lasting roll.

Yamna Cannagars are strain specific using 2 grams of flower that is neither shake or trim. Cannagars are hand rolled, firmly packed with a hollow center for controlled airflow, even burn, and natural flavor. 

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