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Verilife is both a recreational and medical dispensary located in 2 locations, Shrewsbury, MA and Wareham, MA. The Verilife dispensary in Shrewsbury is recreational only, and the dispensary in Wareham is medical and recreational. Verilife has other locations in other states. They are a thriving company who take pride in their cannabis products.  

Verilife - Flower Verilife's Matter Flower

Verilife's Matter Flower

The brand is Verilife’s own in house premium cannabis. The cannabis is prepackaged in sealed containers for lasting freshness. The flower is dispensed in 3.5 grams per container. Matter brand has various strain selections categorized from phenotypes to THC/CBD content.  

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Verilife - Pre-Rolls Verilife's Matter Pre-Rolls

Verilife's Matter Pre-Rolls

Matter Pre-Rolls is a brand developed by Verilife. It is a 2 pack that includes 2 .5 gram pre-rolls. The pre-rolls are strain specific that include strain name, phenotype and THC percentage.

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Verilife - Vaporizers Matter Vaporizers

Matter Vaporizers

The Matter brand vape is developed by Verilife cultivation using their lab tested cannabis oil. Each cart contains a half gram (0.5mg) of oil. The package label includes the phenotype, THC percentage and strain name. 

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Verilife - Edibles Matter Sour Gummies

Matter Sour Gummies

Verilife’s in house brand Matter gummies are intended for people who are looking for high CBD cannabis products.  

  • Sour Apple Spots Gummies have 400mg CBD/100mg THC for a total of 20 gummies in a pack.  
  • Wild Berry Sour Gummies- have 100mg THC for a total of 20 gummies in a pack. 

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