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Kanha Gummies

Kanha premium gummies are widely regarded as the best tasting cannabis gummies on the market. They are created with the highest grade cannabis oils, which are professionally extracted and infused to offer a consistent dose. Safe, dependable, and tasty, each gummy has its own flavor and experience adventure, taking you on a joyous voyage of discovery and enjoyment. There are now 11 different fruit flavors to choose from!

Kanha Gummies - Edibles Kanha Cannabis Infused Gummies

Kanha Cannabis Infused Gummies

Kanha Infused Cannabis Gummies are considered to be the best tasting gummies in the industry. Kanha gummies are created with top shelf quality cannabis oils. Extracted and infused to provide spot on dosing. 100mg per package each bite sized gummy is 10mg THC. Flavors include:  

  • Blue Raspberry Tranquility- 1:1:1 50mg CBD x CBN 50mg x THC x  
  • Blue Raspberry (Hybrid) 
  • Watermelon (Hybrid)
  • Pink Guava (Hybrid)
  • Cran-Pomegranate (Sativa)
  • Cherry (Sativa)
  • Pineapple (Sativa)
  • Mango (Indica)
  • Strawberry (Indica)
  • Passion Fruit Paradise (Indica) 

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