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Cultivate is Located in Framingham, Worcester and Leicester. It is a medical and recreational dispensary. Pre-orders and walk ins welcomed. Cultivate is active in their communities and give back to local charities and non-profit organizations. The main site for cultivation is in Leicester, MA and they are partnered up with local MA cannabis dispensaries to provide more selection for their consumers.  

Cultivate - Flower Cultivate Premium Flower

Cultivate Premium Flower

The flower is sold in 3.5 gram containers. The flower is strain specific that includes the TAC, THC %, strain name and the total amount in the container. 

Cultivate's Premium Flower is categorized into 4 types: 

  • Smooth 
  • Energize 
  • Bliss  
  • Slumber 

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Cultivate - Flower Cultivate's Sunday Shmokes

Cultivate's Sunday Shmokes

Sunday Shmokes Flower is high quality cannabis that is trimmed with a farmer’s cut. This helps to grind the flower or use your hands to break it apart. Available in sativa, indica, and hybrid. The containers are pre-packed 3.5 gram of flower.

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Cultivate - Edibles Hexies Fruit Chews

Hexies Fruit Chews

Developed in MA, gelatin-based fruit chews. These chews are gluten free, ranging from 25mg-100mg. They are small, discrete and easy to consume/dose. The low dose is good for people who prefer smaller dose THC. Variety of flavors include: 

*Green apple, mango, blue razz, blackberry, and peach. 

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Cultivate - Edibles Gild Caramels

Gild Caramels

These small caramels are a great way to take on the go and easy to dose. Each piece is about 5mg THC for a total of 50mg. They pack a delicious taste of sweet caramel with only a dash of cannabis.  

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Cultivate - Pre-Rolls Cultivate 1gram Pre-Roll

Cultivate 1gram Pre-Roll

Cultivate offers their house brand pre-rolls that are packed with 1 full gram of Cultivate's premium flower. The pre-rolls are strain specific that include the phenotype, TAC and THC percentage on the label. 

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Cultivate - Pre-Rolls Cultivate Mini Pre-Rolls .5g

Cultivate Mini Pre-Rolls .5g

Cultivate offers mini pre-rolls that is are packed with Cultivate's very own house blend flower. The pre-rolls are packed with half a gram of cannabis flower. There are various strains to choose from. 

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Cultivate - Pre-Rolls Cultivate Mini Pre-Rolls 5 Pack

Cultivate Mini Pre-Rolls 5 Pack

Cultivate offers their own brand of mini 5 pack pre-rolls. Each pre-roll is rolled with .5 grams of premium cannabis flower. There are a total of 5 pre-rolls in each pack. The pack is strain specific, with many strain options to choose from. 

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Cultivate - Vaporizers Cultivate Vaporizers .5 gram

Cultivate Vaporizers .5 gram

Cultivate's pre-filled concentrate in a 510 thread vape cartridge. Includes Bliss (Hybrid) Energize (Sativa) filled with .5g of distillate. 

Consistent dosing, portable and discreet +Effects: Blissful/Relaxing/Happy Processing: Cannabis oil extracted w/ food grade ETOH and cannabis and/or botanically derived terpenes.

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