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CHROMA edibles are created by our in-house team of chemists and biologists, who work to create a diverse and ever-expanding product line that ranges from ultra-premium goods to high-quality, entry-level items that are consistent and competitive. To develop real, full-spectrum, raw expression extracts, as well as deconstructed and ratio specific formulations to infuse into our products, we use patented extraction procedures surrounding careful isolations and separations of cannabinoids and terpenoids. We can select peak desirable terpenoids, flavonoids, and cannabinoids using our internal analytical chemistry lab and blend them with quality, non-GMO, direct trade, organic ingredients to make CHROMA edibles.

Each of our products is made with premium components that fulfill a variety of dietary requirements, as well as cutting-edge formulas, to develop products that are properly dosed for maximum efficacy. All of our products are manufactured ethically, with consideration for the environment, animals, and the people from whom they are sourced. Every mouthful is pure, strain-specific, and dosed to perfection. CHROMA infused-edibles will change your life, whether it's your first bite or a daily indulgence.

Chroma Edibles - Edibles Chroma Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Chroma Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

The package includes 20 pieces of coffee beans with a total of 100mg per package, each piece is 5mg THC. The beans are discrete, bite sized goodness, available in hybrid.  


54.5% Belgian dark chocolate, locally roasted coffee beans, cocoa powder, denatured alcohol, beeswax tapioca, sunflower lecithin, n-butyl alcohol, ethylcellulose, titanium dioxide, SDA 3A alcohol, ethanol extracted cannabis distillate

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Chroma Edibles - Edibles CHROMA Milk Chocolate Drops

CHROMA Milk Chocolate Drops

The chocolate is fair trade Belgian milk chocolate that consists of 45% cocoa butter fat and chocolate liquor. They are infused with premium quality distillate and have a long-lasting shelf life. They come in a package of ten 5mg pieces for a total of 50mg THC.  

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Chroma Edibles - Edibles Chroma Shields

Chroma Shields

Chroma Shields are bite sized candy in the shape of a mint that comes in a crafty package that offers 4 flavors:

Tangerine, Peppermint, Strawberry, and Lemon

Each piece contains 5mg THC, 20 pieces in a package for a total of 100mg THC per package

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Chroma Edibles - Edibles CHROMA Fruit Chews

CHROMA Fruit Chews

The Chroma Fruit Chews are natural flavors, sweetened with agave syrup and mixed with light citrus notes. They are discreet and small and perfect for on the go. They are available in a package of 10 chews. Each chew contains about 5mg THC for a total of 50mg per package. Flavors include:  

  •    Watermelon, Sour Watermelon, and Peach Mango

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